Friday, December 9, 2022
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13 Year Cicada  
Cicada comes out of the ground every 13 and 17 years in early May. This is the main reason they are called 13 year cicada this year of 2011. They first appear in the area around Tennessee and spread out in the south west of the continental USA.

Cicadas come out in broods. This is Brood 14 and it is type of 13 year Cicadas. This brood predominantly is spreading out in the south as we already mentioned and cities like Nashville are the most affected by this brood of cicadas.

Cicadas in general are harmless insects and only nuisance that they cause is Cicada sound. They don’t bite, sting or do any harm to humans of other animals like your pets. However, you need to make sure your pets don’t eat Cicada’s as their shelf can potentially harm your pet’s stomach due to sharp edges of Cicada’s skins.

Cicada starts mating around June and it produces about 350 eggs per one female cicada. These eggs then drop to the ground and remain in the ground for 13 years as cicada larvae. 13 years later, when soil temperature reaches 67 degrees or around May, they come out in numbers. This year is exactly 13 years later when cicada’s laid their egg in the South West of the USA.

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