Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Insect morphology and Cicada

Cicada is a bug and bug is an insect. What does it mean to be a bug? We'll look more closely into insect's world to answer this questions.... Read Full Article

Locust Cicada

Locust cicada is a generic term for cicada pests. Cicadas belong to the order Hemiptera which generically encircles insects alike leafhoppers.... Read Full Article

Winter Cicada

Winter Cicada alternatively is referred to as hibernating cicadas. These are the insects that stay underground during the frost season. Specifically, these are cicadas that are yet on their nymphal stage.... Read Full Article

13 Year Cicada

Cicada comes out of the ground every 13 and 17 years in early May. This is the main reason they are called 13 year cicada this year of 2011. They first appear in the area around Tennessee.... Read Full Article